EnterPrise Profile企業簡介

San Ming Mei Shoes Co., Ltd., is a company specializing in the production of import and export craft shoes of the private sector, the company in February 1999, 4, was established.

Since its inception, has been the introduction of a rigorous, innovative, efficient, accurate business model, to the positive spirit of team management, unique design concept of development, strict production process control, with many domestic and foreign customers established long-term and stable trade relations.

The company mainly produces processing, sales of footwear and accessories, import and export of goods, technology import and export. The company with sincerity, quality, and the people, a total of hair, believe in the principle of sincerity for the purpose, mutual win principle. Our efficient team, enterprising spirit, the trend of consciousness, exquisite technique, excellent quality, meticulous service, tireless awareness of production for customers to provide quality services and products, we have the spirit of professional services advocate "for healthier feet and shoes to go farther," the wing with domestic and foreign customers to create a double win.

三明美鞋業有限公司San Ming Mei Shoes Co., Ltd.

三明美鞋業有限公司,是一家專業生產進出口工藝鞋的私營企業,公司于1999年 2月4日成立。


本公司主要生產加工、銷售鞋類及其輔件,貨物進出口,技術進出口。公司以真誠、質優、合人、共發、信奉精誠為宗旨,互惠互贏的原則。我們高效的團 隊,進取精神,潮流意識,精湛技藝,優良質量,細致服務,孜孜不倦的生產意識為客戶提供優質的服務和產品,我們本著專業的服務提倡"讓腳更健康,讓鞋走更 遠"其翼與國內外客戶共創雙嬴。

EnterPrise Idea企業理念

Sincere letter誠  信

是語言與內心、行為一致,真心實意,實實在在。 遵守諾言,實踐成約,取信于人。即以誠待人,取信于人。

Is the heart, language and behavior, have a genuine and sincere desire in reality. Keep your promise, into practice, win the people is confidence. That is to treat people, win the people is confidence.

Respect industry敬  業


Is the pursuit of the ideal, the attitude of the work, the attitude towards the cause of the professional pursuit of exploration.

Work and pull together群策群力


The coordination of the action and the pace, the unity of the. Dare to challenge and desire for success, to achieve the purpose of a unit PEP, overall cohesion and centripetal force of the synthetically generated infinite competitiveness