Talent strategy人才戰略

Access: the recruitment and talent acquisition process, is used to identify, attract, assessment and recruiting the right employees.

The development of talent development: to help the company each staff, continuing education, certification, and other learning activities.

Talent assessment: the use of employee performance management, for coordinating, monitoring, evaluation, authorization and continuous process to improve employee performance.

Talent incentive: through compensation management, incentive and reward associated with employee performance expectations and business goals.

Talent planning: through planning and allocation of human resources, will work with passion, staff with appropriate skills and experience to the corresponding position, and don't and for now and the future development of suitable candidates.

人才獲?。?/strong>招聘和人才獲取的過程,專門 用于識別、吸引、評估和招聘合適的員工。

人才開發:幫助公司管理每個員工的發展、 繼續教育、認證以及其他學習活動。

人才評估:運用員工績效管理,用于協調、 監控、評估、授權以及提高員工績效的持續性流程。

人才激勵:通過薪酬管理,將激勵、獎勵 與員工績效預期和企業目標相關聯。

人才規劃:通過規劃與分配人力資源,將 具有工作激情、擁有合適技能與經驗的員工安排到對應的職位,并為現在和將來識 別與開發合適的候選人。